Optimizing Analytics: SAS Viya 4 in OpenShift

Cloud ArchitectDevOps Engineer

Project Overview

In this project, I took on the roles of Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer to deploy SAS Viya 4 on a RedHat OpenShift environment. The focus was on creating a secure, scalable, and efficient analytics platform.

Challenges & Solutions

The deployment posed several unique challenges, addressed through strategic planning and technical expertise:

  • RedHat OpenShift Deployment: Leveraging the robustness of OpenShift for a secure and scalable SAS Viya 4 deployment.
  • Active Directory Integration: Connecting Active Directory as an identity provider to ensure secure and streamlined user management.
  • Database Connectivity: Establishing connections with SQL and Terraform databases for comprehensive data management.
  • Cert-Manager Configuration: Implementing Cert-Manager for automated certificate management, enhancing security.
  • Scalability and Security: Ensuring the deployed environment could handle varying workloads securely and efficiently.

Technologies Employed

A variety of technologies were utilized to achieve the project goals:

  • Containerization and Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker, Helm
  • Platform: RedHat OpenShift
  • Analytics Platform: SAS Viya
  • Security and Certificates: Cert-Manager
  • Operating Systems and Scripting: Linux, shell scripting
  • Version Control: Git

Impact and Outcome

The deployment of SAS Viya 4 in the OpenShift environment led to:

  • Enhanced Analytics Capabilities: Providing a robust platform for advanced analytics and data processing.
  • Scalable and Secure Infrastructure: Meeting the dynamic needs of the services industry with a focus on data security.
  • Streamlined User Management: Efficient user management and authentication processes.
  • Automated Certificate Management: Improved security posture with automated certificate management.


This project showcased the effective combination of analytics software with advanced cloud infrastructure. The successful deployment and maintenance of SAS Viya 4 in an OpenShift environment highlights the importance of technical expertise in cloud architecture and DevOps practices to achieve a secure, scalable, and efficient analytics platform.