Integrating SAS Viya in Azure: A Retail Industry Breakthrough

Cloud ArchitectDevOps Engineer

Project Overview

In this project for the retail industry, I functioned as a Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer to deploy SAS Viya in an Azure Cloud environment. The project’s goal was to enhance data analytics capabilities and streamline cloud-based operations.

Challenges & Solutions

Key tasks and solutions included:

  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning: Setting up a robust and scalable cloud environment in Azure.
  • SAS Viya Deployment in Kubernetes: Utilizing Kubernetes for deploying SAS Viya, ensuring flexibility and scalability.
  • Third-Party Tools Integration: Seamlessly integrating various analytics and management tools.
  • Data Source Connectivity: Linking diverse data sources to SAS Viya for enhanced data analytics.
  • Identity Management with Azure Entra ID: Integrating Azure Entra ID as an Identity Provider for secure access.

Technologies Employed

The project involved a range of technologies:

  • Cloud and Containerization: Azure, Azure AKS, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm
  • Security and Networking: VPN, Cert-Manager
  • Analytics Platform: SAS Viya
  • Scripting and Automation: Linux, shell scripting, Terraform
  • Version Control: Git

Impact and Outcome

The successful deployment led to:

  • Enhanced Data Analytics: Offering powerful analytics capabilities to the retail industry.
  • Scalable Cloud Architecture: A flexible and scalable environment suitable for growing data needs.
  • Secure and Streamlined Operations: Improved security and efficiency in cloud operations.


This project exemplifies the effective integration of SAS Viya in Azure, demonstrating how cloud development and data analytics can transform operations in the retail industry.