Streamlining Analytics: Deploying SAS Viya 4 on OpenShift

Cloud ArchitectDevOps Engineer

Project Overview

As a Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer in the services industry, my project centered on deploying SAS Viya 4 on an OpenShift Kubernetes cluster. This involved ensuring high performance, scalability, and seamless integration with existing data sources.

Challenges & Solutions

Key tasks in the project included:

  • OpenShift Kubernetes Cluster Deployment: Setting up and configuring an OpenShift cluster to meet the specific needs of SAS Viya 4.
  • SAS Viya 4 Deployment: Implementing SAS Viya 4 on the cluster, ensuring optimal configuration for analytics processing.
  • Performance Optimization: Tuning the system for enhanced performance and scalability within the Kubernetes environment.
  • Data Source Integration: Ensuring SAS Viya 4’s effective integration with existing data repositories and sources.

Technologies Employed

The project utilized:

  • Container Orchestration and Management: OpenShift, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Analytics Platform: SAS Viya
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Security and Certificates: Cert-Manager
  • Identity Management and Operating System: LDAP, Linux

Impact and Outcome

The project resulted in:

  • Efficient Analytics Platform: A robust SAS Viya 4 deployment in OpenShift, enhancing the analytics capabilities.
  • Scalable and High-Performing System: Optimized environment for handling large-scale data workloads.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Effective integration with existing data sources, facilitating smoother data analytics processes.


This deployment of SAS Viya 4 on OpenShift exemplifies the synergy between advanced analytics platforms and modern cloud infrastructure, showcasing significant improvements in data processing and analysis.