Architectural Innovation: SAS Viya 4 Deployment on Azure

Cloud ArchitectDevOps Engineer

Project Overview

In the industrial sector, my role as a Cloud Architect and DevOps Engineer centered on designing and deploying SAS Viya 4 architecture in the Azure environment. This included setting up an AKS cluster and ensuring stable data source connectivity.

Challenges & Solutions

Key aspects of the project:

  • SAS Architecture Design in Azure: Crafting a SAS architecture specifically tailored for the Azure cloud environment.
  • AKS Cluster Installation and Configuration: Setting up an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster to support SAS Viya 4 deployment.
  • Deployment of SAS Viya 4: Implementing Viya 4 on Azure, ensuring robust performance and data connectivity.
  • Management and Administration of SAS Environment: Overseeing the SAS Viya 4 environment, ensuring its smooth operation and integration with Azure services.

Technologies Employed

The project leveraged:

  • Cloud and Container Orchestration: Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm
  • Data Management and Storage: Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake
  • Operating System and Security: Linux, Active Directory, SSO, SAML
  • Web Server and Networking: NGINX
  • Infrastructure Automation: Infrastructure as Code principles

Impact and Outcome

The deployment led to:

  • Optimized SAS Viya 4 Environment: A customized and efficient SAS Viya 4 setup within Azure, tailored to industry-specific needs.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Effective connectivity and integration with Azure data services, enhancing data analysis capabilities.
  • Stable and Secure Operation: Robust management and administration of the SAS environment with secure access and data handling.


This project highlights the importance of a well-architected cloud environment in deploying SAS Viya 4, showcasing the synergy between cloud architecture, DevOps practices, and data analytics in Azure.